Accounting Service for small firms in Chennai with Nominal fee

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

As a small business owner you will have more important things to do to develop the business than to maintain the books of accounts and for the small business owner it is not required to have a full time accountant.

But maintaining the books of accounts is a much needed one for anyone for various reasons. Like,

1. To know the Profitability

2. To comply with statutory obligations

3. To know your debtor and creditor status etc.

From Tax Flora Team, we take care of your books completely. So that you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits by leaving the responsibility of maintaining accounts on Tax Flora.

Scope of Service:

As part of service, we will do the following things for you.​

  1. Accounting sales entries

  2. Accounting purchases entries

  3. Accounting expenses and income entries.

  4. Passing all the bank entries and

  5. BRS reconciliation.

  6. Accounting of other misc transactions.

The above scope can be customized according to your requirement.

Fee structure:

Since the main motto of Tax Flora is to spread the knowledge and great customer satisfaction, we will collect a very nominal fee from our clients.

Additional Scope of Coverage:

Since filing statutory returns like GST, TDS, and Income Tax return is a mandatory requirement for any concern, you can customize the above package of services with filing the above said returns.

Area of Coverage:

The above services shall be provided for the clients located in Chennai only. 

To avail the above services, contact us:

Name          :  Sai Swaroop (Founder)

Contact No :  +91-9962195527  

Mail ID        :

Website      :

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