TDS Rate Chart For FY 2018-19 / AY 2019-20

TDS Rates Chart for Financial Year 18-19/ TDS Rates Chart for Assessment Year 2019-20 vide Finance Act 2018 i.e Budget 2018-19.

We have updated the TDS rate chart considering the amendments made by Finance Act, 2018.

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Rate Chart for Financial Year (FY) 2018-19 / Assessment Year (AY) 2019-20


1. As per amended definition of ‘time deposits’ under section 194(3) it now includes include recurring deposits also. This implies that now, interest on recurring deposits is also subject to TDS.

2. From 01.06.2015 – If the payment is made to contractor/sub contractor in transport business, no TDS shall be deducted at source in the course of payment for plying, hiring or leasing goods carriages if the contractor provides PAN Number and such contractor owns ten or less goods carriage at any time during the previous year and furnishes a declaration to that effect.

3. If the payment is made to a person (including non resident) whose receipts are subject to TDS shall mandatory furnish his PAN to the deductor (even though the deductee file a declaration in form no. 15G or 15H) otherwise the deductor shall deduct the TDS at higher of the following rates-

– The applicable rate prescribed in the Act or

– The rate mentioned in the Finance Act or

– 20%

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